Friday, 8 May 2015

A surreal thought...

As I lay beside the brook with the sun's rays beating down warmly on my skin, I must proclaim, May is such an alluring month... especially this year. Not only have we been given the gift of unusually warm weather, but it has and will be filled with new life. There are many peculiar ideas that are conceived every day under the this brilliant sun, but the idea of myself being married in only two weeks is the most surreal of them all.

Yes, I am to be married to Gilbert Blythe in two weeks from today. The past three years have come and gone like a wisp of air. Gilbert has finished medical school and will take over his retiring great uncle's practice in Glen St. Mary. It is nearly 60 miles away from home, but based on Gil's vivid descriptions, I may enjoy our little House of Dreams in Four Winds Harbour nearly as much as I enjoy Green Gables here in Avonlea. Not only is the darling home surrounded by vast amounts of trees, but it also has a brook that cuts across the corner of the garden! The blessed place is made complete in the fact that we will live right by the sea - in fact, our dining room overlooks the harbour on the beautiful St. Lawrence Gulf. It all almost sounds too beautiful to be true.

I don't know how I'll get on without dear Marilla and Rachel, or my beloved bosom friend Diana. It will be a learning curve, that's all I can say. I have lived without them before, though, in those days I had the comfort of knowing I would soon return home to them. It's very different this time around.

Now, speaking of Diana... let me tell of the trying, unique experience I had this week. To put it shortly, I assisted Dr. Blair on the birth of her beautiful big, bouncing baby - a girl, named Anne Cordelia. Isn't Diana just ridiculous? In a good way, of course! I couldn't be more honoured than to be her daughter's namesake, in more ways than one! It's absolutely hilarious to hear all of the gossip around town, people haven't got a clue where Diana thought of such a middle name. Perhaps it will go into style after this whole ordeal. I've always thought Cordelia to be the most exquisite name there was.

In other news with Diana, dear Aunt Josephine passed away recently. She was truly a kindred spirit in every sense of the word to me, and I will miss her a great, great deal. However, she left Diana a large piece of change in her will - well, to put it plainly, the Wrights are rich. Fred is simply beside himself with such a fortune coming into their possession. Oh, I'm sure all will be well and settled in due time. They're hardly the type of people who would allow such an amount of money to change them for the worst.

I must go now, but I will continue to keep my thoughts locked away in this dear old journal in the days approaching the day of all days - my wedding day.

Always yours,

Anne Shirley (Soon to be Blythe)

Friday, 24 April 2015

Life is unfolding!

I know I haven't written in you for some time, dear journal of mine, and for that I apologize. I've been so caught up in life and time sneaks up on us so quickly and unknowingly at times.

Many exciting things have taken place in Avonlea over the last few weeks. I have been officially accepted as Avonlea's creative writing teacher, and will be permanently teaching every Monday afternoon! It is such a joy in my life right now to be preparing lessons and engaging the creativity within the minds of the young once again. It is very fulfilling during these times when my life seems to be rather left on hold.

I also had a surprise visit recently. Gil is home for a few weeks. It's lovely to have him here once again, just to simply be in one another's presence. I now have a beautiful ring of pearls to wear on my finger. He has an exquisite, impeccable taste when it comes to those things. So as you may have already gathered, he himself was the "special package" which was to "arrive in the mail"... what a conniver he is!

This past weekend the church held the annual spring Sunday picnic at the White Sands Hotel. Everyone was there - Fred and Diana with baby Fred, Moody and Josie, Gilbert... It was just like living in the days of yore. Diana and I attempted to keep our titles as winners in a rematch of three-legged racing against Gil and Moody, but the men outraced us this time. Oh well - this just means we are tied, and some day I'm sure the real winners will be revealed in a tie-breaker!

We are all still so young at heart, it almost makes me laugh just pondering it. I pray that spark will never fade from any of us.

Soon Gil will return to Dalhousie and my life again will revolve around the happenings of Green Gables and my Monday afternoons of teaching. It may seem so far away now, but as mentioned before, "time sneaks up on us so quickly and unknowingly", and soon, before I even realize it, I will become Gilbert's bride... I will be Mrs. Anne Blythe. There is such a delightful ring to that name!

Things aren't quite as busy now as they were before, so I solemnly swear to myself to make a much greater effort to write in this journal on a regular basis.

Forever yours, 

-Anne Shirley

Friday, 20 March 2015

A new season.

I'm simply beside myself, caught up in the wonder of my surroundings. As I write, I am sitting against a beautiful, big birch tree along the banks of the now freely flowing creek in the dear old woods behind Green Gables. The birds are filling the air with their joyful song. Yes, winter is finally, officially over, and it is the first day of spring!

It's quite unbelievable to think that winter has already come and gone as fast as it has. There are so many good things about the season of winter, that I cherish dearly, but there is really something extraordinary about spring. There is something special about the way everything becomes alive and rejuvenated, it is simply amazing to witness!

Before long, summer will roll back around again, hopefully bringing Gilbert Blythe home with it. I still have yet to receive his package of mystery in the mail. It is very unlike him to forget something, so perhaps he is just waiting for the perfect moment.

As I sit by the streaming waters, which are proving to be a great distraction for my wandering imagination, I am reviewing the writing exercises from the children's last work shop. Some are quite entertaining, while others clearly need extra work, yet a select few are simply... inspiring. I cannot think of any other word to describe it. Young minds are just incredibly rich with ideas! Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for some to get those ideas flowing nicely on paper. I plan to bring this to the attention of Miss Stacy and Miss King the next chance I get. I really believe that these students need more than just a month of writing classes, they need to be engaged in it weekly... perhaps even daily, if my two superiors will take that into consideration. I won't make mention of it just yet, but it's something that has been bearing heavily on my mind.

I've lost track of all time. I'm not even quite sure how long I've been out here for, but I must get back home soon. I've promised Marilla to help her bake up a storm for the church's spring picnic coming up this Sunday. Baking still is not my strong suit, but the more I try, the more I will succeed! (Hopefully).

Here is to another new season in life, full of new dreams and horizons.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Back in the schoolhouse...

Spring is alive and well here in Avonlea. The snowing has ceased and the thaw has begun! How delightful it is to walk along the paths and hear the dripping of melted ice and snow along with the glorious songs of birds filling the air. Winter has passed and an exciting new season is just beginning to unfold.

My writer's craft lesson at the public school was quite a success. I am so enlivened by the sight of these young pupils finding their imaginations and living them out through their own unique work of writing. They are all to write a short story for me by the end of the month, and the ideas I've heard are numerous! Gus Pike, for example, wishes to write about life on the sea and the trouble of pirates, whereas other students are taking a more practical route. Regardless, I do hope they all use their full potential which is at their disposal in this project. I've become chummy with one student in particular, Virginia McRae, a dreadfully shy girl who took the courage to stand up at the end of class and thank me in front of everyone. She holds the true characteristics of a kindred spirit, for certain!

On another note, I've received a letter from Gilbert at last. He seems to be rather busy with school, as I expected, but I do believe I've been weighing heavily in his thoughts. I really am starting to long to be in his arms once again. He says he will be coming home for a visit soon, but in the meantime, has told me to keep my eyes open for something that is coming in the mail from him. I hardly know what it could be, but I'm waiting with quite an eagerness!

That will be all for now, journal... All I can say is each day unfolds with a new beautiful beginning, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Some delightful news!

This will be a short entry, as I'm currently preparing my lesson for Monday afternoon. Miss Stacy has asked me to lead a writer's workshop at the school! I'm so thrilled to have this opportunity to revisit my days of teaching. The workshop will span over four weeks, and possibly longer, if Hetty King sees any improvement in her students' creative writing. I do hope I leave a lasting impact on their young minds, whether it relates to writing or simply how to find joy in everyday life.

Other than preparing and dreaming for Monday all week, I've gotten the chance to catch up with the Avonlea folk, as Marilla and Rachel held a sewing circle here at Green Gables. I heard so much gossip I could hardly believe my own ears. Not only that, but I had a lovely evening with Diana and wee baby Fred. I really cannot wait for the days when I have my own children, and when Diana and I will watch them frolic and learn and grow together, just as we did only a few short years ago.

Oh! I also had a surprise visit from none other than Josie Pye... Spurgeon, now (I always make the mistake of addressing my old schoolmates by their maiden names!) She was nothing short of a mess, sobbing out in agony over her loneliness, as Moody Spurgeon is off at seminary. It appears that she was to start with a clean slate, and outright apologized to me for being so nasty during our school days... yes, those were her very own words. She even invited me to come over for dinner! Certainly nothing like the old Josie I knew, but I will give her a chance to show that she's matured and grown past her foolish ways. I, too, was quite foolish as a girl, after all. I still tend to be a bit foolish as it is, though I'm growing better each and every passing day.

I have yet to hear from my dearest Gil, though I'm sure he's getting along well with his studies. He always manages to! Hopefully I receive a letter soon...

I really must put this journal away and get back to my preparations for Monday!

Forever yours,


Friday, 27 February 2015

As I near dear Avonlea...

Time has gone by so quickly, just as I expected.

This week has been one full of many delightful memories shared with dear friends and loved ones. I saw Halifax in a whole new light through the eyes of Emmeline. It was so refreshing to be in the company of her throughout the week, and it sparked quite a number of new ideas for my latest novel. Gilbert settled in nicely in his boarding house, though I daresay some of his roommates may prove to be a challenge to live with. I hope I'm wrong, for his sake!

We enjoyed the time spent together immensely. I feel that we really learned more about one another as we spent nearly the entirety of our week in each other's company. Indeed, this was a very tiny glimpse of what married life may be like for us!

It was rather difficult saying goodbye as the week drew to a close. The look of sheer sadness in my Gilbert's eyes as we embraced before our parting was almost too much. I think some of Marilla's practicality has rubbed off on me lately. Yes, I was quite sad to leave Gil, but I'm not in such utter despair as he seems to be. I feel almost a tinge of guilt over this fact, but perhaps it's just the winter blues getting the best of me. We will see one another soon enough, surely.

We came into Charlottetown about twenty-five minutes ago, which means we should be arriving at Bright River anytime now. Much of the snow has melted, which is most welcoming to my eyes! Winter is delightful, but after a few months of it a person certainly does long for spring. I'm ever so exhausted tonight from my travels, but I'm sure I'll have much to write about in my next journal after catching up with Rachel Lynde on all of the Avonlea happenings of the past week.

Until then,

Anne Shirley

Friday, 20 February 2015

Haligonian Adventures

This week I will be embarking on a journey to Halifax with my soon-to-be husband, Gilbert Blythe. He must return to Dalhousie to finish off this year of medical school. Although I am quite disappointed we won't see one another often, I am so very blessed to know he is alive and thriving, anywhere, whether Halifax or Avonlea, after such a disheartening case of scarlet fever last summer. 

We arrived in Halifax early in the evening, after a very long day of travelling by train and ferry. Although the train ride was wretched with its bumps and rattling, I always very much enjoy seeing the beautiful flashes of scenery outside the window - it makes the all of the dreadfulness of the ride worth it! I still believe that Prince Edward Island is truly the most delightful, picturesque spot in all of Canada.

I will be staying here in Halifax for a week with my good friends, the Harris family, while Gil settles into his boarding house. I have still been corresponding by letter with Pauline and Emmeline quite frequently, and it's simply been lovely to catch up with them in person. They were ecstatic when they heard I would be in Halifax and insisted that I come and stay with them. Emmeline has grown up so quickly, she's practically a young woman now, and Pauline is getting along with her mother, Mrs. Harris, much better these days. Mr. Harris has gone to Boston for business. He has seldom replied to my letters, and when he does his responses are extremely vague. I can't say I blame him, although I've tried to remain friends as I promised I would. It just all seems rather hopeless to me at this point, so I'm sure it's for only the best that he is out of town while I'm staying here.

Gil and I had a splendid afternoon taking in all of the sights. It was lovely to stroll along the harbour's boardwalk and see all of the many different faces walking about - we even ate some ice cream as we sat at a table on the wharf and saw a band of street performers. What a treat that was! 

I believe this trip was just what I needed to whet my literary appetite. Captivating happenings such as street performances simply do not happen in Avonlea... Even so... I wouldn't trade my serene evening walks through the Birch Path and Lover's Lane for anything. Yes, if I were to live in Avonlea until my dying days, it would be a life full of wondrously inspiring days, I'm certain.

My, I just looked at the time and it appears that I've spent the whole night writing away. Time slips away so fast, with each passing day it seems to go even quicker. I'd best resign for the night, as I've promised Emmeline she may take me around to her favourite spots in the city tomorrow. I anticipate the exciting adventures that await me here this week. At the same time, I can hardly wait to return home to Marilla and Rachel, and be an aid to Diana with her dearest baby Fred.

Until next time, dear journal...
I remain respectively yours,

Anne Shirley